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November Urban Jungle competition

In November, our competition theme was Urban Jungle – looking for images that capture how plant and animal life shares the built environment with us.

First place went to Nick Wheat’s intriguing image. We’d love to know how the car ended up there!

Second place was shared by an image of a seaside resort resort that’s seen better days by Nick Wheat (again!) and Derek Vintin’s shot from Sheffield General Cemetery.

October ‘Earthscapes’ monochrome print competition

As usual, October’s Earthscapes monochrome print competition had less entries than the colour competition. However, the judging was still tough for our club members, with all of the images being strong entries.

First place went to Darren Worthy’s shot of Whitby Abbey taken on a recent work visit to the town.

Nick Wheat took second place (image still to come).

2 images shared third place – Darren Worthy’s North Yorkshire seascape (also taken on his recent work trip!) and Martin Satur’s long exposure at Padley Gorge.

October ‘Earthscapes’ colour print competition

October’s ‘Earthscapes’ print competition was an opportunity for club members to display the photos that have been taken on their travels. And everyone certainly did!

First place went to Allyson Evans’ photo of the New York skyline.

Second place was taken by an image by Elaine Jackline (image to come).

Ian Smith’s seascape took third place.

September Minimalist competition

Our September competition saw members trying their hand at Minimalist photography – creating images with the smallest number of colours and subjects.

First place went to Darren Worthy’s optical illusion of an egg on a precipice – it’s actually an egg and three pieces of coloured card!

Allyson’s Evans monochrome shot from a UK beach came second.

Third place was taken by Nick Wheat’s image from the black sands of Vik in Iceland.

May Shapes and Patterns competition

We had a wide variety of images entered into our Shapes and Patterns projected image competition in May.

First place went to Pam Fisher’s hotel corridor.

Three images scored the same to share second place! Darren Worthy’s photo of oil bubbles on water, Paul Beckett’s vertigo inducing staircase and Ian Smith’s minimalist restaurant seating.

April ‘Double Trouble’ colour print competition

April’s colour ‘double trouble’ competition saw a variety of interpretations of the theme in the prints entered.

First place went to Allyson Evans’ painterly double portrait image.

Nick Wheat came second with a photograph of two planes almost touching mid-flight.

Third place was shared by Neil Frith’s relaxing tigers and Nick Wheat’s face-masked statues.

March Images of People competition

March saw our annual Images of People competition take place. This year as a projected competition.

First place went to Darren Worthy’s monochrome image of our very own chair, Nick Wheat.

Nick’s photo from a recent shoot at Barrow Hill roundhouse came second.

Moving slightly further afield, Ian Smith’s image of a Budhist monk in Myanmar took third place.