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July’s Street Art projected competition

It was the battle of the D’s in July’s ‘Street Art’ projected image competition.

First place went to Derek Vintin’s image of a painted interior.

Dave McLeavy’s image of a brightly decorated public toilet came second.

Third place was shared by a Banksy-like empty building by Don Jacklin and Darren Worthy’s image of artwork on a pillar in Queen’s Park, Chesterfield.

May’s Creative Shapes projected competition

May’s ‘Creative Shapes’ projected competition was a close run thing, with two images sharing third place and three images sharing third!

First place was shared by Darren Worthy’s rotated image of the Bull Ring in Birmingham and Tony Godwin’s shot of metal pipes.

Third place was taken by Allyson Evans’ triptych of smoke photography, David Barnett’s well spotted seating arrangement outside a cafe and Darren Worthy’s smoke photography using colour to identify human shapes.

April ‘Images of People’ monochrome print competition

Our first print competition since the Covid pandemic began was the annual Images of People competition. 

First place in the monochrome competition went to Nick Wheat’s image of reenactors dressed as police officers.

Dave McLeavy’s image of Farmer George came second.

Third place was shared by Allyson Evans’s image of Paula and David Barnett’s image from Sri Lanka.

March Looking Down competition

Last month’s ‘Close Up’ competition was followed by March’s ‘Looking Down’ theme.

First place went to Ian Mateer’s image of a climber on the via ferrata route Ski Club 18 in the mountains above Cortina.

Pam Fisher’s monochrome photo of Singapore came second.

Third place was shared by David Barnett’s contemplative visitor at the Minack Theatre in Cornwall and Nick Wheat’s image of curious animals meeting one another.

We look forward to April’s competition as our first print competition in many months.

February Close Up competition

February’s competition saw club members entering close up shots.

First place went to David Barnett’s image of an inquisitive rat.

Tony Uttley’s photograph of a robin took second place.

Third place went to Ian Mateer’s image of an unsual type of fungi.

January AGW Open competition

Our competition year began with the annual AGW Open projected image competition.

First place went to Dave McLeavy’s image capturing the glitz anbd glamour of Las Vegas.

Second place was taken by Ian Mateer’s moody photograph of footsteps across sand dunes.

Third place was shared by Mike Hawkins’s delicate image of a mimosa in sunlight and Pam Fisher’s photograph of a flighty owl.

October earthscapes competition

Our annual Earthscapes competition took place in October.

First place went to Tony Godwin’s wonderfully captured shot of the sun shining through the smoke from the old Staveley works.

Second place was shared by a peaceful Padstow harbour image by David Barnett and Ian Mateer’s moody image from Bamford Edge.