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April ‘Unusual Angles’ Projected Image Competition Results

April 2015’s ‘unusual angles’ projected image competition saw a huge variety of images and subjects entered by the club’s members.

For the second time in five months we had a tie for first place!

Doug Veale’s shot looking up into the spire of Dronfield Parish Church and Mike Gibbons’s shot of an extremely reflective aeroplane nose cone were joint winners.

Darren Worthy’s extreme 360° panorama of a Dronfield street took third place.


March “Open” Colour Print Competition Results

As usual, the ‘open’ category saw a huge variety of images entered, as reflected in the top three images.

Marie Rollitt’s beautiful orchid took a well deserved first place.

Pam Fisher’s snow scene came second, with just enough colour in the image to keep it out of the monochrome competition!

Darren Worthy’s landscape shot of the Derbyshire Dales took the third spot in a very close competition.

March “Open” Monochrome Print Competition Results

One of the harder competitions to score this month as the theme was ‘open’, so any type of image could be entered.

Last year’s photographer of the year, Jill Davies, continued her good run this year, taking first with her Whitby pier view.

Darren Worthy came second with a moody image of his nephew, James.

Third place was taken by Marie Rollitt’s photograph of a typewriter.

February “Food and/or Drink” Projected Competition Results

The 2015 competition got off to a mouth-watering start with the theme of ‘Food and/or Drink’.

Steve Memmott’s shot of fish for sale came in first, and it goes to show you don’t need expensive cameras to take great shots as this was taken with a point and shoot camera through a pane of glass.

Jill Davies had a very good week, with her image of a strawberry about to be eaten coming second. Jill’s other photo, of oranges and orange juice took third place.

December ‘Love is in the Air’ Projected Competition Results

The final month of the 2014 competition saw what we think is an unprecendented result in the club’s history – a tie for first place in the ‘Love is in the Air’ competition!


Jill Davies’ image of two children  scored exactly the same as Marie Rollitt’s image of a newborn baby with wedding rings.

Darren Worthy’s image of two children meeting their new sister / cousin for the first time came in third place.

Projected Photographer of the Year Competition 2014

The club welcomed former member (and three times winner of the Photographer of the Year competition!)  Malcolm Cook on October 30th to judge the entries in the Photographer of the Year competition.

Malcolm commented on the quality of all of the entries and told the club that it had been very difficult to decide on the winning images.

In the projected Photographer of the Year competition the results were as follows.

First: Master at work, by Mike Gibbons

Second: Firing up, by John Newman

Joint third: The pride of Yorkshire, by Marie Rollitt and Arnhem Veteran, by Tony Godwin