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February Close Up competition

February’s competition saw club members entering close up shots.

First place went to David Barnett’s image of an inquisitive rat.

Tony Uttley’s photograph of a robin took second place.

Third place went to Ian Mateer’s image of an unsual type of fungi.

January AGW Open competition

Our competition year began with the annual AGW Open projected image competition.

First place went to Dave McLeavy’s image capturing the glitz anbd glamour of Las Vegas.

Second place was taken by Ian Mateer’s moody photograph of footsteps across sand dunes.

Third place was shared by Mike Hawkins’s delicate image of a mimosa in sunlight and Pam Fisher’s photograph of a flighty owl.

October earthscapes competition

Our annual Earthscapes competition took place in October.

First place went to Tony Godwin’s wonderfully captured shot of the sun shining through the smoke from the old Staveley works.

Second place was shared by a peaceful Padstow harbour image by David Barnett and Ian Mateer’s moody image from Bamford Edge.

September Images of People competition

September finally saw the club returning to face to face meetings. Our first competition for 18 months that wasn’t run online was the Images of People competition.

First place went to a wonderfully bright shot from a club visit to Barlow Studio by David Barnett,

Don Jacklin’s portrait of a businessman came second.

Third place went to Tony Godwin’s image of a happy young boy.

June action competition

June’s ‘Action’ theme saw a wide range of topics featured in member’s entries.

David Barnett’s ‘Making a Splash’ took first place.

Nick Wheat had a good month, with ‘Tin Bath Express’ taking second place.

Third place was shared between Nick Wheat’s (we said he had a good month!) ‘Beer Sprayer’ and Pam Fisher’s ‘On the Gallops’.

may still life competition

May’s competition theme ‘Still Life’ enabled club member’s to demonstrate the images they’d captured during lockdown’s over recent months.

David Barnett’s ‘Name That Spice’ took first place.

Second place went to new member Sara Hawkin’s ‘It’s Only Jam’.

Third place went to Paul Beckett’s mouth watering ‘Apple’.

April Lines and Shapes competition

April’s competition theme ‘Lines and Shapes’ again saw the club’s photographers entering a wide variety of images.

Tony Uttley’s  ‘Anyone Seen My Hat’ took first place.

Second place went to Ian Smith’s ‘Soap Box’.

Third place was shared by Dave McLeavy’s ‘Street Walker’ and David Barnett’s ‘The City of Arts and Science (Valencia)’.

March Shadows competition

March’s competition theme ‘Shadows’ saw the club’s photographers entering a wide variety of images.

Ian Smith’s geometric ‘The Bridge’ took first place.

Second place went to Tony Uttley’s moving ‘Dark Days’.

Third place was jointly taken by Dave McLeavy’s ‘Key Shadows’, Tony Godwin’s ‘A Ride in the Sun’ and Derek Vintin’s ‘Discussion in the Shadows’.

FEBRUARY COLD competition

An appropriate competition theme for February, given the cold snap we had in the couple of weeks before.

Dave McLeavy’s moody and atmospheric ‘Bleak District’ took first place.

Second place was shared between Pam Fisher’s ‘Snow and Ice’ and David Barnett’s ‘Too Cold To Walk’.