Online Competition – ‘Flora and/or Fauna’

June 11, 2020 @ 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm

You may enter any image depicting photographs of non-human living creatures (fauna) or plants(flora). The photographs can include subjects that are wild, domesticated, captive, farmed or cultivated. The main subject of the photograph should be one or more plants and/or animals and the habitat is not restricted.

In terms of processing, adjustments to the image such as the exposure, contrast, colour balance, cropping and appropriate sharpening is allowed, so that the plants or animals are accurately represented as seen in the camera viewfinder. Minor removals of parts of the image which improve the accurate representation of the plants or animals are allowed. Additions to the original camera image are not allowed. In other words, by all means take out an offending twig or blade of grass etc but do not add extra animals, plants or replace the sky or other background.

As this competition would have been a print one, each member can enter 2 colour and 2 monochrome images.

Please let Darren have the images by Sunday 7th June so he can enter them into the online competition software and allow people to score the images before the 11th June.